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Some Such Asanas That Increase Your Height

Some Such Asanas That Increase Your Height  


                Length plays an important role in refining your personality. It is often seen that those who are less in length, they feel quite embarrassed. Because of which they can see lack of self confidence.But if you want to increase your height then you can increase it with the help of some special exercise. If you regularly follow these exercises then they can definitely help. Let's learn about lifting exercises.

* Playing basketball puts pressure on the bones and the length increases.

* They push the muscles on pressure.

*Tadasan helps in increasing length.

*Regularly start exercises started.




                   Mix your two legs together and keep both palms next to you, then keep the whole body stable and keep your body weight on both feet. After that, take the fingers of both palms together and move it over the head. Hold the handles straight, then push your hands upside down while breathing, which will also pull you in your shoulders and chest.




                               While keeping both knees on the ground, the elbows stay on the ground. Then mix the fingers of the fingers together with the grip, then place the head on the ground near the grip made palms. This will help the head. Then lift the knee out of the ground and make the feet tall. Then gradually move both the claws in the claws to the fore close to the body, ie, moving towards the forehead and then folding the feet with knees and lifting them up slowly and straightening them completely, Held. After being in this state for a while, after getting back to the same condition, the first leg, turning to the knee, gradually put the knees on the stomach and put the claws on the ground.



Lie down on the ground for the stomach. Now lift the upper part above the body's waist with the help of both hands, but the elbows should be bent towards you. The palm is open and spread over the ground. Now move the rest of the body to the non-moveable face upright. For some time, keep this posetter the same. This posture is very beneficial for your muscles.

Bhujanga, which is called cobra in English and since it is a snake-like pose that spreads out in appearance, hence its name is Bhujanganas.

You can increase your length after adopting these exercises. During these exercises, the pressure on the muscles and they are stretched, which helps in increasing the length. 

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