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Benefits Of Bitter Neem

Benefits Of Bitter Neem

                  Neem keeps the soil fertile.Neemed eye drops are beneficial for eyes.The shampoo made of Neem oil makes the hair beautiful.Protects against hair loss and blackness before time.
                Bitter is rich with Neem qualities.Neem oil, seeds, and trick are all useful to us.Find all related to Neem here.Neem oil helps in the removal of gingivitis and rash of teeth.If there is a problem in your forehead or gambling, then you put the regular neem oil in the forehead.Neem makes the soil fertile.Applying Neem leaf juice on face, the acne is over.Neem seed oil makes the skin soft, smooth and shiny.
                      Neem seed oil frees the stains of skin from the stain.Neem seed oil is beneficial in sorrices, eczema, acne etc.The juice of neem leaves is cleaned and blood is cleaned.When bathing, add neem leaves in water and bath is good for bathing.Neem oil protects pets from getting infected with germs.

                   Applying Neem oil to the wound due to burning causes the wound to cure.Tea made from Neem seeds and leaves are effective in diseases associated with kidney, bladder and prostate.Consuming Neem leaves for 10 days in the month reduces the risk of heart attack.Neem prevents malaria by controlling it.Neem seed oil keeps germs away from home.After mixing Neem flowers, pour it in hot water and fry it to remove the constipation.


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